*Pre-order*WOKit™2.0 BIKEPACKING KIT Carabiner multi-tool

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  • Image of *Pre-order*WOKit™2.0 BIKEPACKING KIT Carabiner multi-tool
  • Image of *Pre-order*WOKit™2.0 BIKEPACKING KIT Carabiner multi-tool
  • Image of *Pre-order*WOKit™2.0 BIKEPACKING KIT Carabiner multi-tool
  • Image of *Pre-order*WOKit™2.0 BIKEPACKING KIT Carabiner multi-tool
  • Image of *Pre-order*WOKit™2.0 BIKEPACKING KIT Carabiner multi-tool

*Estimated Delivery- Sep.2017

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Looking for sockets set add-on? Top Features of WOKit™ - Full coverage of bike quick-fix: Rivet extractor, 15mm wrench, spoke adjuster, complete sizes of hex/torx screwdriver supported. 1/4" reversible ratchet driver: Compatible with general tool bits, max torque 30Nm. Wildness survival kit: Cutting knife, saw, fire-starter and can opener. Lightweight: Main part weighs only 77g, modular design let you get rid of unnecessary parts. Real metal made: Made to survive the extreme conditions. Carry-on friendly: TSA compliant, except Survivalblade extension obviously.

Why you'll need WOKit™

When outdoor enthusiasts run into difficulties, it can quickly ruin their adventure. But having the right tool by your side can get you back on track - quickly. That’s why we made the WOHO tool kit an everyday object - it’s built on a well-engineered key carabiner. Simply attach the tool to your keychain, and it becomes part of your daily routine: Wallet, keys, WOHO!

What's in the WOKit™?

Carabiner main body:

Extended tool wrench:

BIker's wrench

1/ 15mm high torque open-end wrench
2/ 5/8/10mm box wrench
3/ 1/4" hex for tool bits
4/ Wheel spoke adjuster
5/ Metric rule

Camper's wrench

1/ Cutting Knife
2/ Dual blade saw
3/ Ply-bar
4/ Can opener
5/ Nail remover
6/ Hold 1 fire flint or 2 tool bits

WOKit™ in detail

Size & Weights:

WOKit™2.0 Carabiner w/rivet extractor - 102 x 52 x 12mm - 4 x 2 x 0.5" / 77g - 2.7oz

Biker's wrench - 74 x 30 x 2.5mm - 2.9 x 1.2 x 0.1" / 22g - 0.7oz

Camper's wrench - 85 x 28 x 2mm - 3.3 x 1.1 x 0.08" / 20g - 0.7oz

10pcs Tool bits set - 93 x 26 x 10mm - 3.6 x 1 x 0.4" / 60g - 2oz

Sockets set - 140 x 22.5 x 23mm - 5.5 x 0.9 x 0.9" / 124g - 4.4oz


WOKit™2.0 Carabiner - SCM415 CrMo alloy steel w/Heat treated & CNC detailing

Rivet Extractor - SCM415 Heat-Treated CrMo alloy steel

Biker's wrench - Double Heat-Treated CrMo Alloy Steel, with laser imprinted labels

Camper's wrench - Laser imprinted stainless steel

Tool Bits - Nickle Plated S2 hardened Steel

Sockets set - Chrome plated Medium Carbon Steel


Silver satin nickel


Maximum Operating Torque
1/4" Ratchet - 30Nm / 300kgf-cm
15mm open-end wrench - 40Nm / 400kgf-cm


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